MicroCAD Training & Consulting MicroCAD Training & Consulting has been one of the main projects in Marketeros Agencia, as it opened a wide range of opportunities to develop our Inbound Marketing strategies in the US market and in complex, but cutting-edge industries such as manufacturing and construction.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry as a reseller, consulting, and training company, MicroCAD looks forward to expanding its digital presence and implementing more customer-centered strategies.

What was the main goal?

With goals to improve their digital ecosystem, and brand positioning, be recognized as one of the main Autodesk distributors, and be an authority in the AEC and PDM industry, they found an ally in inbound marketing and Zoho Partner to improve their Zoho CRM management, attract qualified leads (SEM), and SEO positioning and content processes. This is where Marketeros Agencia comes into play.

About the Inbound Strategy

Based on the initial analysis and investigation of the Buyer Persona, the inbound strategy began to structure its different channels and key pain points.

As a result of the strategy
we have achieve

SEO: Organic traffic growth, leads and TOP 10 keyword rankings in over 13 U.S. states

From the SEO strategy, we worked on the most important keywords for MicroCAD Training & Consulting, covering the entire customer journey from the research stage, consideration, purchase, and of course retention. As a result of this and the creation of quality content, MicroCAD’s web traffic increased by more than 430%, i.e. about 6 times the initial traffic in the organic channel.

Currently, keyword positioning is prioritized in 13 U.S. states. However, the positioning of the web has been nationwide, positioning 58 keywords in the top 1-10. Additionally, we have been able to position keywords above the distributing brand such as Autodesk, and thus increase the authority of the website in search engines.

Top 10 keyword positioning

Through this SEO strategy, we have been able to attract more qualified leads and consequently increased the conversion rate of the website’s organic leads.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Google Ads

From the SEM perspective, our main objective was to get quality leads to optimize the customer journey and the sales funnel. Through search campaigns, we worked on keyword research, with transactional search intent, to be where the customer is looking for it and to optimize the budget with targeted search.

As a complement to this strategy, different landing pages were developed to encourage lead conversion. Landing with additional product information and different Call To Action such as contact forms, chat, or calls to facilitate the user experience. Based on these strategies, and different optimizations along the way, we manage to increase the number of leads monthly.

Zoho CRM

As a Zoho partner, Marketeros Agencia has guided MicroCAD in the best practices for the use of this powerful tool, Zoho CRM. A process of optimization, diagnosis, guidance and accompaniment was performed. From establishing the sources of potential customers to the automation that help the sales and marketing team to establish the customer journey and know the traceability of the sales process.


The reports were a point of emphasis for the client, so we worked on the generation of these reports, dividing the information by periods, different dashboards were established to know the effectiveness of the sales funnel, the most relevant source and which ones should be improved along the way.

This tool has become increasingly essential for the sales team in terms of tracking and achieving goals. Zoho CRM is the reliable information platform for decision making and strategy for future MicroCADcampaigns.


We established a brand image and communication about Autodesk products, AEC, and PDM industry insights for the social media strategy. The community has been strengthening and increased by 19% overall, being LinkedIn the main social media channel for MicroCAD as a B2B service channel with a 27% growth.

Communications were carried out through images, videos, and blogs that communicated the 360° strategy led by the marketing team.

To sum up

MicroCAD continues to lead and be a reference in the AEC and PDM industry as one of the main partners of Autodesk, as well as Leica, HP, ESRI and Enscape in the United States.

Currently there is an omnichannel traceability that allows both the commercial and marketing teams to make better decisions and offer a better service to their customers.

Thanks to its partnership with Marketeros Agencia, MicroCAD has gotten the boost it needed to optimize its digital ecosystem. They are now ready to embrace all that inbound has to offer them.