Inbound Marketing
and its stages



At this stage the main objective will be to attract to our different digital assets any Internet user in search of our products or services, or who has doubts and demands information from our sector.

In any of these circumstances, we must attract them to our website, either to service / product pages, or if they require objective information, attract them to blog content, which will be strategically designed from content marketing to solve their doubts and help them in their process of purchase.

If these users are on social media profiles, and meet the conditions to be our buyer persona, we must attract them to our company profile and generate the need for them with our value propositions.

Inbound Marketing and its stages
Inbound marketing agency


Once we have attracted our buyer persona to our website or profiles on social networks, it is time to get them to contact us.

By any of the forms, chats, telephone or any other CTA that we put at your fingertips. Getting a significant percentage of our visitors to contact us should be a primary objective within our digital strategies. They have to see us and contact us, the first without the second is not enough.

Conversion elements such as landing pages, infographics, banners in the form of call to action, or the e-books themselves, will help us to achieve a very good conversion metric. The more leads, the more opportunities to generate customers, and therefore, business for our companies.


Closing and Loyalty

In the closing stage, the marketing area and the commercial area are united. The first will configure communication strategies with users to try to provide support and help the commercial area to achieve sales objectives.

Inbound Marketing guides us in the segmentation of users, to whom we will have to talk about their own thing to get their attention and get them to give them value proposals and achieve their incorporation into our network of clients.

In the loyalty stage, we have to be able to link ourselves to our clients through assertive communications, with valuable content, in which to make them feel identified with our brand. We will definitely get clients to become ambassadors for our brand.

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