Zoho CRM

Optimize your sales management processes
and improve your relationship with customers

Sales team management with a CRM

Measure and control the management of your sales team

Increase sales with Zoho CRM software

Increase your sales through strategic management.

Increase sales with Zoho CRM software

Improve communication with your customers.

Increase your productivity with Zoho CRM

Increase your productivity and that of your team.

Save Time with Zoho CRM Software

Save time by creating automations.

Customize your management through a CRM

Customize your management and adapt the platform to the needs of your company.

Manage your leads

Define strategic business management processes with your leads (potential customers) and optimize your direct contact for the results. With ZOHO CRM you can:

  • See in one place and in real time your entire database, which is nurturing from each of the channels that you have active (website, social networks, etc.).
  • Identify the source of the registered leads (Google Ads Campaigns, Facebook Ads, SEO positioning, etc.), which will help you establish your metrics to determine ROI.
  • Create activities and reminders for making follow-up calls and meetings.
  • Communicate via IMAP with the email administrator (ZOHO Mail, Gmail, among others), which allows the review, from the CRM, of all the historic of communications that your sales team has maintained with customers.
  • Measure the effectiveness of communications with customers.
  • Receive notifications in real time when your customers interact with your company.
Software Zoho CRM

Save time and improve communication with your customers
thanks to automation

Zoho CRM Automation

Optimize your times and improve productivity by creating and configurating of automations that adapt to the needs of your company.

  • Eliminate repetitive and everyday tasks through the creation of messages and communications, all fully automated.
  • Improve communication and follow-up with your contacts and clients, and save on operating costs.
  • Assign leads (possible clients) to your commercial advisers automatically and under different criteria.

The reports,
that showcase the results

Measure, analyze and improve your processes, through detailed information on the activities and results generated by your team.

  • Management reports with KPIs defined at all levels and in real time.
  • Detailed reports on the sales team to validate their performance.
  • Conversion funnel reports for each of the status of potential customers to define the efficiency of the management process.
  • Custom reports.
Zoho CRM Interface

Success story
ALOHA Ecuador

ALOHA Ecuador implemented ZOHO CRM to optimize its commercial management, with more than 30 active advisers and a network of 12 franchises nationwide. The implementation and configuration of the ZOHO system has offered them information in real time, which allows them to monitor the performance of their commercial advisers and measure their results, and on this, make more accurate decisions.

Why choose
Zoho CRM?

ZOHO CRM has a global presence where more than 150,000 companies have managed to optimize the efficiency of their sales and their commercial management, saving on operating costs and time. In addition, it offers you:

  • Intuitive and simple interface, easy to train and customize.
  • Flexible contracts, monthly or annual payments (as required), and transparent pricing.
  • Comprehensive advice, complete training of the platform and implementation programs for its correct use.
  • Assistance in migration processes to import data easily and reliably.
  • Facilities for developers thanks to a platform suitable for carrying out CRM integrations with external applications or systems.
  • Certified CRM applications for iOS and Android systems.