Compete with large companies in your sector in the largest directory in the world - Google - and take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business at low cost.

If you do not know what it is about, do not worry that we take care of that, you just have to attend to these new prospects and turn them into your clients.

¿How do we
achieve this?

We study your business and your buyer persona (buyer profile) in depth. Through the different tools that we handle, we know how they are looking for you, what needs they are transmitting, and in what searches and topics you should appear. Next, our team works both on the SEO within the website itself and the one that makes us relevant from the outside, we position you on the first page of search engines and the contacts arrive one after the other.

There are two ways to appear on Google:

Adwords campaign

SEO positioning:
"free" option.

Campaign adwords

Paid option.

Campaign - Adwords

the advantage in Adwords campaigns is to be able to appear in the first places of the search engine very quickly. Basically, it is an auction, where price plays an important role, although the quality of the ad groups will allow you to have to pay less for each click.

These campaigns need continuous monitoring and constant work to evaluate the results. The conversions of the different ads and of the different keywords are the basis of the strategy to be carried out in the adwords campaigns.


Adwords display network campaign

Red Display:

It is aimed at specific searches about your offer, you choose the number of times the ad will be displayed and it will appear on web pages associated with Google, Gmail, blogs, YouTube and Apps. These can be accompanied by videos, images and text.

Adwords search network campaign

Search Network:

They are “demand-driven” ads, that is, they are shown only to those people who search with relevant terms related to the topic of the ad.

video adwords campaign


They are campaigns that advertise on YouTube videos and on the display network.

shopping ads campaign


Ideal ads to promote the sale of products online, bringing traffic to the website or business premises, it is ideal if you have a retail market and are looking for qualified customers since when conducting searches, it shows clear details of the product and captures their attention.

¿How do
we work ?

  • adwords campaign


    Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand? Attract visitors to the website? Increase in contacts and / or sales?

  • campaign adwords

    Definition of Budgets:

    How much you want to invest based on results.

  • SEM

    Definition dates and geographic location:

    ¿How long would the campaign be active? In what location?

  • Campañas en googl

    Definition of keywords:

    Define keywords in relation to objectives

  • ADS campaigns

    Writing and optimization of ads:

    We optimize the extensions (Call, excerpts from the site, location, etc.) according to the objectives.

  • Google ads campaigns

    Analysis and optimization:

    A constant improvement of the campaign is made based on cost benefit.

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