A tool designed to monitor and connect with your website visitors.

chat/chatbot  - Zoho SalesIQ

Custom chat / chatbot Confirguration.

Tracking code - Zoho SalesIQ

Tracking code integration on the website.

New visitors Zoho Sales IQ

Identification of new visitors to the page.

Geolocation with Zoho SalesIQ

Geolocation and identification of potential customer source

Zoho SalesIQ integration

Easy to integrate with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk.

Attract and monitor
your visitors

By installing a tracking code you will be able to observe, analyze and interpret the behavior of the users who visit your website, all in real time.

  • Track the actions that users take on your website. This will allow you to identify the sections with the highest traffic and make decisions that improve the user experience.
  • Differentiate and identify users who enter your page for the first time, from those who are recurring visitors; in order to provide them with an experience that drives sales.
  • Configure and activate the chat / chatbot according to the actions carried out by your visitors.
  • Geolocate users in order to establish future strategies in favor of their location.
Live chat - Zoho SalesIQ
Zoho SalesIQ: Online Chat and Visitor Tracking

Customize how your chat works
and improve communication

With SalesIQ you can create an ideal environment for your visitors to start a conversation, receive advice in real time and leave their data for the commercial management you require.

  • Chatbot configuration and integration to ensure constant communication with users.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Lead users to contact you by configuring an intuitive chatbot that helps you increase the probability of sales.
  • Automatically interact with your visitors.
  • Design and customize the chat / chatbot window according to your needs.
  • Structure a communication flow that helps your visitors resolve concerns, leave their data and receive advice.

Get information
from your visitors

Receive relevant information about the users who enter your website and generate personalized interactions.

  • Identification of technical aspects that help you both in optimizing your site, as in the planning of a sales strategy, by means of the information collected in the installed tracking code.
  • Chatbot automation that leads users to leave contact information that contributes to business management.
Why choose Zoho SalesIQ?

Why choose
Zoho SalesIQ

Sales IQ is the best tool to know the behavior of your users and interact with them from your website:

  • Tracking code configuration.
  • Behavior monitoring on the website.
  • Chat / chatbot configuration to encourage interaction.
  • Capture of data in real time.
  • Improvement of the conversion rate of your campaigns.
  • Obtaining data for reporting on return on investment.
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