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Organic vs

In the last 20 minutes, about a million links have been shared only in the Facebook platform, did you know?; that's how broad and massive the impact of social networks is in our daily lives. Information does not stop being created, shared and virialized, not to mention that every day thousands of people create a new user on a network different social. The above can be well used by your company, of course, if the appropriate strategy is proposed depending on your needs, audience and results.

To pay or not to pay? That is the question; Well, depending on what you require for your website and your business, the ideal strategy for you will be managed, proposed and executed. Thus, choosing the right path can be decisive to save you money or to reach more people in a short time.

To begin with, you must bear in mind that there are two ways when it comes to massing information, the first is known as organic traffic, that is, one that it is generated naturally and without paying in the feed of each social network; and the second is the paid campaigns, that is, the sponsored ads or advertisements that we can find on each platform, which can represent an expense, or better yet, an investment.

Although both options may be viable, their optimal results will largely obey measure, what you want to achieve, how many people you want to reach, and what type of traffic you want on your website.

Social media agency

Benefit of
organic search

There are different strategies that can help you progressively increase your presence on social networks and have a considerable participation in the Internet community that grows daily. The above is achieved thanks to a meticulous work that seeks to create and forge a correlation with customers, a two-way interaction and above all, credibility with the user, building links and acceptance and promotion of the brand.

"A client who identifies with what you believe and share is a potential spokesperson of your company. "

In this line of thought, interaction becomes the cornerstone of organic traffic; comments, timely and complete response to messages, periodic and strategic publication of statements, links and stories and other aspects that will make you grow in presence and in clientele.

Scope of
organic search

A search and natural transcendence sounds like a promising option so far, but how far reaching can it be? With the constant updates and the change of algorithm in the different networks, a direct influence on this type of traffic has been seen. An example of this is Facebook, when in 2018 it announced its decision to reduce the amount of advertising that reached its users, which meant seeing fewer publications from brands, businesses and services; this in order to consolidate value and content interactions.

"The more interaction with your followers, the greater the incidence of your company in the networks."

Although it is not as easy as it sounds, you can always make use of the tools that the same networks have for you, such as broadcasting live, publishing stories, videos, images or posts that solidify your relationship in real time. This is where a team of experts can help you; At Marketeros Agency we review your needs, the type of target audience and the inherent competition in the market. We propose strategies in terms of image quality, message consolidation and the precise moment and channel for its publication.

Benefits of
paid network marketing

Now let's look at the counterpart to organic traffic: paid marketing. If your goal is to reach more people in less time, stand out from the different brands and reach the next level in terms of traction, this option is the best for you. Paying for ads not only leads you to overcome updates and algorithm changes, it also allows you to reach a greater number of audience and the best, target a more specific audience, attract followers and with this, greater traffic on your website.

When you pay for an ad you are guaranteeing user debugging, reaching those that really fit your target audience, who will go from being simple users, to being potential customers.

When a social media strategy has a user focus, you have a greater chance of success.

Which one is right
for you

The success of any of the options goes hand in hand with your company needs, its profile and the time in which you want results. So that:

Organic search:

  • Online brand presence and strengthening.
  • Constant interaction as the key to success. .
  • Creation of links with users..
  • Gradual growth.

Paid campaigns:

  • Reach more users.
  • Selection of a specific audience.
  • Review, control and analysis in real time.
  • Budget comparable to the objective.

we work?

  • Social network objectives


    Selecting the correct objective at the campaign level: Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand? Attract visitors to the website? Increase in contacts and / or sales?

  • social media budget


    Definition of budget based on the objectives and your needs.

  • segmentation and social networks period

    Segmentation and period:

    Correct targeting by demographics and interests, posting period at the Ad set level, and selection of locations (Feeds, Stories, Marketplace, etc.).

  • conversions social networks


    Selecting the right conversion at the Ad Set level.

  • Design and copywriting for social networks

    Design and writing:

    Creation of Arts and Copys.

  • Variations of advertisements social networks

    Ad Variations:

    Creating variations of Ads to measure performance - A / B Testing.

  • Social media ads analysis

    Analysis and optimization:

    Review of statistical data (Performance and Tests) based on optimization.

  • Retargeting social networks ads


    Creation of personalized audiences, according to user behavior to recover unconverted leads.

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