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Based on the strategies of the inbound marketing methodology, we manage to attract to your website those who will later be part of your client portfolio. We manage to give them the information they are looking for making them part of your company later. All through a well-planned web design, ensuring that your site fully develops the concepts of usability and navigability

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In web design, and its subsequent development, the first thing we stop at is to make a detailed study of your company of the service or product that you offer to your clients, and how you do it. Once we understand these dynamics, it will be time to design the website map, and embody in it your company philosophy to achieve good results.

The usability and navigability of a web page are nowadays non-negotiable concepts to obtain great results from it. Your website will have:

The organization and structure of a website must have all the details that make it intuitive and that encourage users to navigate through different pages. If they remain on the web for a long time, visit many pages of it and their bounce rate is minimal, the objectives for which it was configured will have begun to be achieved

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The first thing we work on is doing a detailed study of your company and the market in which it is immersed. With this study we will have the advantage of knowing how your market and the competitors that comprise it work, and from there draw the conclusions to get to work. These would be the phases of which your project would be composed:

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The look and feel:

If as soon as they land on a web page, the user falls in love with what they see, everything will be easier. The design of the website is an essential part of the incentive for users to navigate through it. You have to seduce the user from the first moment he lands on the web.


Balance in the content at the level of text and images:

The information reflected on the web must keep a proportion between what is written and the photograph, drawings or infographics with which information is to be represented. This balance will help to obtain a better look and feel and the user will be informed in a more complete way.


Internal links:

It is about generating links in our content that point to topics related to it, and that in turn are found on our website. This allows the reader to access more information relevant to their search without leaving our website. These links must follow a logic, as well as a predefined strategy for proper operation.


The contents of the web must be very complete:

The explanations, descriptions and clarifications about the characteristics of the products and services must be very generous. If you sin for something that is by excess and not by default. These contents must be developed in a very clear way, so that they are clearly understood. Search engine algorithms have a highly developed semantic component and know how to perfectly assess the level of quality of the information that is shown to users, and from there they will make their decisions on how to position them.


Well-structured site map:

The services or products that represent the fundamental base of the activity of a company must appear in the menu sections. Each of them on a different page or URL. The user who is looking for a product or a service wants to land on a page that talks about it and not mixed with others. Otherwise it bounces and you lose that user and the opportunity to attract them.



The titles of each page (H1, H2 and H3) must contain the main keywords of each service or product, in order of their importance, starting with the H1 or main title of a page. Those will be the main search terms and from there, and with the development of the rest of the content, peripheral keywords that can attract a good number of visits to the web can be positioned in search engines.


Responsive versions are very important:

Nowadays users are opting for browsing on mobiles and tablets on many occasions. The website must be perfectly configured to navigate through these devices in an agile and intuitive way.

Loading speed web design

Loading speed

As a web design agency, we must bear in mind the loading speed of the different pages. These must have a speed as fast as possible. The moment it takes time to load a page, the user bounces and opts for another option, and this is considered by Google and other search engines. Factors that directly affect the speed of the site:

The quality of the server where the web is hosted

A good loading speed in the response given by the hosting will be an essential factor.

The images must be very well optimized

Without losing resolution, obviously, but their loading speed should not exceed one second.

Do not abuse plugins

Undoubtedly, they are an essential part of a website today and their different functionalities are necessary for the proper functioning of a site, but we must consider what they contribute to the slowdown in its loading speed. Those that are configured should be optimized as much as possible.

When uploading product files to the site, they must be previously optimized

Above all, in e-commerce platforms, where products are often posted regularly and images must be optimized and their names and descriptions well structured.

The code configuration must be developed by good programmers who know how it should be done

the junk code must be eliminated, as well as duplications that will only slow down the good loading of the URLs.


The UX (user experience) design tells us how a web designer should face the project of a site, based on the projection of what the user experience on the web will be. Where are they going to navigate, how are they going to do it, how long will they stay on each of the pages… ..in short, it is very important to predict the path of those who will visit the website in order to design and organize it.

The UI design will ensure a very good look and feel and convince users of what they are seeing. We have to convince, from the visual point of view, our visitors from the first contact with them.

It will be key for them to stay on the web and navigate through it.

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