Facts of interest
about WhatsApp

WhatsApp web business

It has more than 2 billion users worldwide, which represents 33% of the world's population.

Api WhatsApp

It has the best message open rate in the market with 98%

WhatsApp empresa

Approximately 76% of its users prefer to communicate with companies through the app.

Facts of interest for
companies that use Whatsapp

WhatsApp CRM

Customer service is 225% faster.

CRM para WhatsApp

Sales increased by an average of 27%.

WhatsApp Business CRM

Customer conversions are up 20%.

It's not surprising that more and more entrepreneurs have incorporated WhatsApp in their businesses to streamline contact with their customers and promote all kinds of marketing strategies.

Discover how Whatsapp Business API

can help businesses like yours succeed

Customers prefer to manage their communications from Whatsapp,emails and calls are behind us.

Thanks to Whatsapp Business API platform you can connect with your customers easily and on a large scale.

In Whatsapp Business API you will leverage how to focus your efforts on high quality conversations, thanks to the built-in user feedback controls, which helps to ensure high long-term engagement.

Discover everything you can do with the help of

Woztell + WhatsApp Business Platform

Thanks to our partnership with Wozztell and WhatsApp you will be able to manage messages between your company and your customers in an efficient and controlled way.

entry points

Thanks to multiple entry points you can redirect your customers to your Whatsapp Business platform. Make use of organic, paid, and offline entry points to improve your sales.

CRM de WhatsApp
CRM con WhatsApp

Push messages
to reach your customers

Go where your customers are and attract their attention throughpush notifications, sent to the most frequently used channels. Lower your costs, improve your customer conversion rate and get an unmatched message open rate thanks to push notifications.

Chatbots that improve
customer satisfaction

Whatsapp chatbots will be able to handle your customers' queries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is like a tireless worker who is always available for both you and your customers, improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs and increasing sales.

CRM para WhatsApp Business
CRM WhatsApp facebook instagram

Live chat to connect
agents and customers

Create communications between your agents and customers easily and all from one place. Thanks to this you will be able to increase your company's profits by managing different entry points, your agents and all your conversations from Whatsapp in one place.

Easy integration
and unique automations

Integrating Whatsapp with other tools is easier than ever thanks to the unmatched WhatsApp Business Platform API.

bot para whatsapp

Join the

WhatsApp Business Platform revolution

What can WhatsApp Business Platform do for your business?

chat bot whatsapp
  • Booking update
  • Customer Service Ticket
  • Appointment messaging
  • Update Alerts
  • Newsletter
  • Shipment update
  • Offers and promotions
  • Product updates
  • Form type messages
  • Account update
  • Payment updates

Serve your customers with Chatbots

on the go and automatically

No one know your businness and its need better than yourself, that is why we give you the tools where you will be able to design and build the Chatbot that best suits your business without depending on anyone.

Don't let your customers miss

important notifications.

Thanks to Woztell you will be able to automate all your conversations with customers, thus achieve better customer satisfaction while generating more sales thanks to our pre-designed bots.

Serve your customers as fast as possible thanks to a 24/7 WhatsApp Chatbot.

With the help of our pre-designed templates in the Chatbot Builder you can have your WhatsApp-bot up and running in just a few minutes.

The Chatbot will work for your customers and yourself all year long, bringing you great benefits along the way such as: significant increase in sales, reducing costs, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

api whatapp

in first contact rate thanks to Chatbots


of chatbot conversations do not require human intervention

Advantages of having a
Chatbot in your company

api para whatsapp

24-hour customer support

Our bots are able to qualify problems and provide fast and efficient solutions without any intervention.

whatsapp API

Increase your shopping cart value

You can increase your sales volume by recommending products or services through chatbots.

whatsapp con api

Lead acquisition and lead management

Bots have demonstrated a much higher success rate than forms in collecting customer data.

Integracion de whatsapp web business

Multichannel chatbots

You will be able to serve your customers automatically from different channels, such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Shopify, Instagram or from your own website.

Integracion para whatsapp business web

Automatic answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can configure your bot to answer recurring questions that your customers want to know about your business.

Integrar whatsapp con empresa

No programming required

You will be able to customize and configure your Chatbots without programming knowledge and in just a few minutes.

What is a chatbot able to do
for your company?

Integrate a chatbot perfectly adapted to your business in an easy way, without any kind of code and without the need to depend on anyone.


Your chatbot will be able to solve the basic queries made in your ecommerce instantly, improving customer satisfaction and offering complementary information about your online store.

  • Increase the level of sales.
  • Ability to manage multiple requests.
crm whatsapp para facebook y instagram
bot con whatsapp


With a chatbot you will be able to nurture your customers through massive automatic messages, thus you will be able to improve the contracting of your services and product sales.

  • Optimize the sales funnel.
  • Generate brand engagement on a large scale.
  • One-to-one communication.


Use your chatbot to automatically collect useful data through surveys

  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Automatic data collection about your consumers
Chatbot Encuestas
Chatbot Ventas


Program automations to send your prospects offers and discounts more relevant to their customer journey.

  • Multi-language.
  • Sales 24 hours a day,365 days a year.
  • Reduced your sales cycle.

Live Chat

Let your sales team intervene in the most complex moments. Thanks to the configuration of a chatbot capable of answering basic queries, you will be able to save workload for your sales reps by boosting their productivity.

  • Optimize your customer satisfaction rate.
  • Prevent over-saturation of your employees.
Chatbot Live Chat
Chatbot FastBot

Fast Bot

We have the easiest chatbot to use and configure in the market. Being at the same time one of the best performers when it comes to optimizing your company's sales, providing assistance to customers and with an absolute availability 24 hours a day.

  • No code.
  • Quick start.
  • Keyword based.

The ideal partner to
optimize your sales

Take control of all your business communications in the easiest way possible with Woztell inside your Zoho CRM and Zoho Cliq.

Advantages of integrating Woztell with Zoho

Thanks to the seamless integration between Woztell and Zoho, you will be able to send and receive messages from both your contacts and leads directly in Zoho Cliq, allowing you to add all the information you need to your Zoho CRM automatically.

This partnership makes use of Zoho Cliq's live chat interface, allowing you to receive and send both text and multimedia messages through different platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or your own website, while having the ability to assign conversations between multiple agents.

Woztell con Zoho
Genera leads y contactos automáticamente.

Generate leads and contacts automatically.

Envío y recibo de mensajes de texto

Send and receive text and multimedia messages.

Comunícación a través del CRM

Communication through CRM.

Comprobación de Opt out de los clientes

Opt out verification of customers.

Zoho CRM integración con Zoho CRM

Discover what the integration with Zoho CRM can do

When it comes to improving your sales results, if there is a perfect dance partner, it would be Woztell and Zoho CRM.

Thanks to their integration you can optimize and centralizeyour company's communications through Woztell inside your Zoho CRM.

Key features of WhatsApp API for Zoho CRM

WhatsApp API integration allows you to send WhatsApp messages from Zoho CRM. Thanks to it you can skyrocket your sales and marketing through WhatsApp's powerful features such as a shared team inbox, chatbot, bulk messaging, and much more.

integración de la API de WhatsApp para Zoho CRM
Enviar WhatsApp

Send WhatsApp messages from leads and contacts modules using the "Send WhatsApp" feature.


Add custom variable values in order to easily personalize your messages.


Chat with both your potential and existing customers on WhatsApp directly from Zoho CRM.

WhatsApp para ZOHO CRM

Configure your Zoho CRM workflows to send automatic WhatsApp messages when a predefined criteria is met.

Integrate Woztell with Zoho CRM and Zoho Cliq

in a few clicks

Woztell with Zoho Cliq and CRM

are a winning team.

Do not hesitate to integrate Woztell and Zoho Cliq to achieve the best results together.

Facilitate your processes by managing your business communications through Woztell using your Zoho Cliq.

You will be able to send and receive both text and multimedia messages on different channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or your own website.

You will also be able to generate group conversations between several team members, as well as assign tasks to your workers in a simple and fast way.

Optimize your communications

and company management now Start now

Lower your costs and increase your sales with

WhatsApp Business Platform

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