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Web positioning
How does it work?

Web positioning is very important today to make our website visible and relevant, or what is the same, to our products and services. Search engines are configured using algorithms, where their formulas and updates lead us to carry out a study and research on a permanent basis. The user experience, together with their behavior when browsing the site, will largely mark our place in search results.

We have to provide the information in an orderly manner on the website to the search engine robots, to obtain a good rating from them and thus achieve the objectives that we have set.

Web positioning

SEO positioning
is more than Upgrading positions
Benefits of a well-performed web positioning

Objectives as a
SEO Agency

Initial analysis:

We identify the most relevant keywords taking into account your sector

Website Optimization On Page:

We optimize your website for search engines, carrying out programming, web architecture and content development processes.

Personalized SERP report:

We generate a personalized report of your keywords, which you can consult directly in your email.

Keyword search:

Through a keyword study, we will obtain a list of words related to your business, as well as the people or companies that require your services.

Improving the user experience:

Here we take care of everything that improves both navigation and loading times on different platforms, so that your visitors can find what they need quickly and easily.

360º Audit:

Its function is to identify all errors and weaknesses that your website may have, with the aim of correcting the structure before becoming a problem for our SEO strategy.

Off Page Optimization:

We audit your site and generate referral links through link building to raise the reputation of your website.

Content strategy:

At Marketeros Agency we develop fully personalized content by drawing up a list with possible titles and topics that will be discussed throughout the campaign.

CMS change
Website redesign
When migrating a website

¿When do we need an
SEO Company audit?

When migrating a website
Start with digital strategies
Drops in positioning

Types of SEO,

SEO On Page

It is a term to refer to all those SEO techniques that are carried out within the page itself, in order to try to improve its organic positioning within Google searches. It could be said that the objective of SEO On Page is to make life easier for search engines, and thus be able to index our content as soon as possible.

SEO On Page
SEO off page

Types of SEO,

SEO Off Page

Whenever the objective is to position a website, or increase the visibility of a brand, or even when you want to know the organic search traffic during a defined interval of time, it will be essential that we learn to look a little beyond our own website. And it is that SEO Off Page which takes care of all SEO tactics that take place outside of our website. In general, external links that point to our website (LinkBuilding) are considered the backbone of SEO Off Page, but we can also find strategies related to content marketing, participation in podcasts, use of social networks, reviews or exchange of articles, better known as Guest Posting.

Link Building

The construction of external links that point to our website is, from almost all the principles of SEO, one of the most important pillars for our positioning strategy. It is a strategy based on the artificial inclusion of links between pages of different domains. Although its correct use helps a lot in our performance, it is also true that it is the main source of problems in those cases where the responsible party did not know exactly how to do it.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is usually included in the link building strategy but, given its importance, we include it here. It is a technique that consists of publishing original content on blogs or external portals of other authors, in exchange for doing the same with their content on our blog. With this we achieve two things, on the one hand we obtain a natural-looking external link on quality websites, and on the other we promote our own personal brand.

Types of de SEO

SEO Technical

Technical SEO is the process by which we ensure that our website meets all the requirements of search engines, with the ultimate goal of improving our organic positioning. It consists of several elements that have a direct impact on indexing, as well as on the indexing, as well as the crawling of the website, by search engines. The most important are:

Technical SEO

International SEO Agency

Any company that carries out its activity in different countries requires its own SEO process called International SEO. It is a positioning strategy that focuses on the development and optimization of those web pages that operate in more than one country, with the aim of obtaining a correct indexing in search engines, as well as being easily recognized in different countries.

Analysis of custom keywords by country

An essential step for a correct international positioning is the analysis of keywords in each of the countries in which the web operates. This is because different forms of expression are used in different regions, which means that keywords can vary even using the same language.

Country-specific LinkBuilding

The generation of quality links is also essential in International SEO, with the difference that we must focus on being relevant in the destination countries. The link building strategy must always be geographically oriented, adapting at all times to the environment in which we operate.

Content customization

It is important to know how to mold the same content for different regions, always considering the different expressions and common terms that are used in each of them.


Search engines almost always tend to favor content that is considered local. This can be a problem in International SEO if you do not know how to solve it through techniques such as the content distribution network, the physical geolocation of the hosting, local indicators or the configuration of the geographic targeting in Google Search Console.

Where to work
with SEO

SEO local

Local SEO:

Any business that has a physical address and operates in a specific geographic area, requires local SEO to help users in your area find your business when conducting related searches.

SEO e-commerce

SEO e-commerce:

Businesses with online sales will find great advantages when it comes to not only positioning their brand, but also their products thanks to the increase in traffic generated by the SEO strategy

SEO YouTube

SEO YouTube:

Those users who use YouTube videos to promote their businesses need a specific SEO that will help them optimize their channel, their videos and their playlists to achieve position in the organic results of YouTube in specific searches.


When we talk about online reputation, we must know that it is a set of elements that represent the prestige of both brands and users.

These elements are often given by the users and / or consumers themselves, hence the importance of always keeping it under control.

In short, a good SEO service helps our image, while a bad one can carry penalties and therefore, damage our online reputation..

Marketeros Agency offers you all our experience and professionalism when it comes to monitoring everything that happens on the network that has some kind of relationship with your brand.

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