Zoho Bigin

A CRM designed to manage light sales operations.

Improve communication with your customers and optimize your commercial activities.

Friendly Platform - Zoho Bigin

Friendly and easy-to-use platform.

CRM Pymes

CRM designed for small business management

Agile Operation Zoho Bigin CRM

Agile operation

Increase your productivity with Zoho Bigin

Increase business productivity.

Save Time with Zoho Bigin Software

Optimize communication with customers.

Attract and effectively manage
your potential customers

Obtain the information of all your contacts in the same place and in an orderly manner to maintain constant communication.

  • Configure and implement the use of forms on your website, capture the information of your potential customers and manage it from the same point.
  • Optimize communication by integrating your Bigin business e-mail account and communicate with your contacts.
  • Keep a complete view of the information of your contacts and the history of the interactions you have with them.
Software Zoho Bigin
Bigin: CRM by Zoho

Follow up on
your commercial agreements

In Zoho Bigin you can categorize the agreements you make through the negotiation phase that you establish in your business process.

  • Easily establish a funnel of negotiation phases.
  • Customize the display of the agreement phases and manage them easily.
  • Review the agreements created in one place and facilitate your processes.
  • Make use of smart filters to locate your deals effectively.

Establish efficient
management parameters

Facilitate communication by creating simple and efficient workflows, as well as creating lists of products that contribute to your commercial agreements.

  • Configuration of workflows and action triggers that optimize routine execution activities, facilitating your business management process.
  • Creation of product lists that you can associate with the agreements that you assign to your contacts.
  • Possible Client Status Configuration that allows to categorize contacts according to their status in commercial management.
Why choose Bigin?

Import or export
of data safely

Access your information or upload data to feed your CRM for your management.

  • Import of data from spreadsheets so you can start your business work immediately.
  • Export of contact views whenever you need.
Zoho Bigin CRM

¿Why choose
Zoho Bigin?

Zoho Bigin is a CRM that allows to improve the commercial processes of small companies and those for which commercial structure is of light handling, optimizing the management and efficiency of sales. What's more:

  • It is an easy and fast tool to implement and parameterize.
  • Its interface allows quick learning and recognition of the tool.
  • Allows the creation of management reports.