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Moodle Elearning Platform

E- learning Moodle Platform

It is the ideal platform for taking long courses with extensive content. It can serve as an online complement to face-to-face training

It has a simple, light and easy-to-use navigation interface. It is very intuitive for user-level knowledge.

Its text input areas have an HTML editor as simple as a Word editor.

It allows the teacher to have control and monitoring over all the options of a virtual classroom to serve as an online complement to face-to-face training.

It offers different activities for the courses, such as assignments, chats, forums, glossaries and quizzes, among others.

Allows all grades for forums, quizzes, and assignments to be viewed and downloaded as a spreadsheet or text file.

It facilitates the integration with the mail, sending a copy of the messages and the forums to the electronic mail.

It creates a complete record of user accesses and has reports of the activity of each student, with graphs and details about their passage through each module.


WPLMS Elearning Platform

E-learning WPLMS Platform

For an online training with a medium volume this would be the ideal platform. Users will be able to contract and enjoy said training on the platform itself without leaving it.

All LMS is supported under Wordpress. This allows online courses to be created within the site and sold through a payment gateway.

Users may have the option to take advantage of free option training. In such a way that it serves as a hitch to the hiring of paid courses.

Users can enjoy the documentation of the different courses through pre-recorded videos.

Once the user enjoys the entire course, they can automatically receive their corresponding certificate in PDF format.

As it is programmed through the Wordpress CMS, a personalized design of the front of the page can be made.

The virtual platform allows the creation of quizzes or exams with multiple selection and their respective automatic qualification.

The Wordpress e-learning platform is having a face-to-face evolution in online education that is increasingly accentuated. WPLMS is simple, intuitive and easy to administer.


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